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Maximizing the Performanceof the Solana Blockchain

Jito Labs is the first MEV Infrastructure Company building high-performance systems to scale Solana and maximize validator rewards.

Validator Products

Maximize Performance & Rewards

Jito-Solana Client

Earn more revenue and better utilize your hardware with our open source Jito-Solana validator client.

Jito Block Engine

Our Block Engine builds the most profitable and efficient blocks for your validator.

Jito Relayer

Outsource spam mitigation and signature verification to the Jito Relayer.

Trading Products

Trade Like A Pro


Jito Bundles

Unlock sequential execution of transactions by using Jito Bundles, supported by the Jito-Solana client.


Jito Mempool

Leverage our mempool to get access to higher transaction delivery guarantees.



Save hundreds of milliseconds by receiving shreds directly from leaders with ShredStream.

“MEV is a rapidly growing business model for blockchains. JITO has a great approach to maximize the benefits of MEV to the network and minimize the negative externalities of MEV to the rest of the users and applications running on Solana.”
Anatoly Yakovenko,
CEO of Solana Labs