Jito-Solana is the first third-party, MEV-boosted validator client for Solana.
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Running Jito-Solana is easy
Switch over in 10 minutes
Download the source code, build it, and add a few command line arguments to start receiving Bundles.
Earn (and share) Solana MEV
Validators running Jito-Solana can earn more from traders’ Bundles by connecting to the Block Engine. Validators can share MEV with stakers to attract more stake.
Help Scale Solana
Spam transactions waste more than 50% of compute on Solana. By switching, you can support a healthier Solana network with less wasted blockspace.
Jito Docs
Learn more
Check out our onboarding docs and become part of the growing ... of Solana validators running Jito-Solana, allowing them to maximize MEV revenue while eliminating unproductive network spam in the process
Jito Solana-Repo
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Our code is open-source and independent audits can be found here. Feel free to reach out with any implementation questions at
Validator Dashboard
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The Jito-Solana validator dashboard provides a breakdown of the performance metrics of the validators running the client, including stake amount and commission %
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