April 16, 2024 • 2 minute reading time

Introducing the Enhanced UI for StakeNet

Jito Labs
Solana HFT

We are excited to announce the release of the updated user interface for StakeNet. This enhancement builds on our initial launch, bringing even more features and capabilities to our users.

Background on StakeNet

StakeNet is a self-sustaining and decentralized protocol that ensures liquid staking pools can operate transparently, intelligently, and indefinitely. It features two primary components: the Validator History Program and the Steward Program. The Validator History Program provides a transparent, cryptographically verified record of validator actions for up to three years, aiding in informed decision-making. The Steward Program utilizes this data to score validators and manage stake delegation, promoting a more secure and autonomous operation. 

Initial UI Launch

Our initial UI launch provided a straightforward, intuitive way to access and analyze validator history data. It allowed users to view critical metrics such as vote credits, commission rates, and software versions, all verified by on-chain data and gossip data streams.

What's New in the Enhanced UI

The updated UI introduces several advanced features designed to deepen insights and enhance user experience:

  • Revamped Interface: A more informative UI that improves the overall user experience.
  • Global Map View: Users can now see where validators are located worldwide and track the current leader in real time. Additional features include a heatmap view of geographical distribution, as well as the ability to to filter validators by stake pool sizes.
  • Detailed Validator Stats Page: This page has been enhanced with additional graphs and fields such as earned MEV data. 
  • Validator Comparison: Users can now compare up to five validators simultaneously.
  • Dedicated Section for Stake Pools Data: A new section provides specific data about Solana stake pools, including total SOL each pool, stake pool fees, and top validators to which the pool delegates.
  • Quick Search: A persistent search bar within the StakeNet UI allows you to quickly look up any validator and their statistics.

The data’s integrity is ensured by sourcing information directly from on-chain accounts and gossip data. These updates aim to make the StakeNet UI not just a tool for transparency but a comprehensive platform to help drive informed decision-making and efficient stake management.

Note: geographic data still relies on off-chain data at this stage

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