May 25, 2023 • 2 minute reading time

Jito Block Engine Expands Access to All Solana MEV Traders

Jito Labs
Solana HFT

Jito Labs now provides access to its Block Engine for any Solana MEV searcher. The Block Engine is integrated with the Jito-Solana validator client to provide searchers the first MEV infrastructure on Solana.

Validators have been running Jito-Solana in both mainnet and testnet environments over the course of the last six months, having processed over one million bundles.

Block Engine Overview

The Jito Block Engine connects relayers, searchers, and validators via an off-chain blockspace auction. Searchers submit transaction bundles along with a bid for inclusion. The Block Engine simulates every transaction combination and forwards the highest paying batch of bundles to the leader for block inclusion.

Traders can connect to Jito’s API for transaction submission. Jito is also providing complimentary ShredStream service to searchers for a limited period of time. ShredStream provides low latency access to shreds from top-staked validators running the Jito-Solana client (sign up form).

Summary of Jito-Solana’s architecture

Block Engine Benefits

Jito’s Block Engine provides unprecedented flexibility for searchers on Solana. Traders can now backrun large AMM trades with bundled disposal on other venues and provide more flexible transaction ordering to efficiently executed trades on Solana.

The new mechanism expands the design space of MEV strategies and should improve execution reliability. Searches utilizing bundles will have a competitive advantage given the currently low penetration. Over time, Jito expects common MEV strategies to lose profitability if they do not incorporate bundles as searcher and validator adoption grows.

Trader Onboarding

Our Block Engine is live along with an initial set of validators running Jito-Solana. The Block Engine has been tested extensively by Jito but is still the initial release. We expect to add additional features in response to user feedback and reliability will be continuously improved.

Traders should complete this form to gain access. Documentation is a work in progress as we onboard searchers. Additional support is available in our Discord while documentation is refined.

For validators, see our release here to learn more about Jito-Solana and its benefits.


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