March 21, 2023 • 2 minute reading time

Solana MEV-Validator Server Program: Jito & Partnership

Jito Labs
Solana HFT

Unlock the Full Potential of MEV on Solana with a Powerful Validator at a Discounted Price


Jito Labs, Solana’s leading MEV infrastructure provider, and, a global Bare Metal infrastructure company, have partnered to offer an unprecedented package for Solana validators.

This strategic alliance brings together the best of both worlds, a MEV-enabled validator client running on’s powerful Metal platform.

Experience high-performance validator infrastructure at a competitive price of $247 per month, all-inclusive.

The validator setup is simplified with an automated script tailored for the server’s hardware, allowing for a swift and seamless setup. Platform

The platform is designed to provide high-performance server solutions.

By leveraging its low-latency network, validators can enjoy seamless connectivity to the Jito block engine within 1ms. This optimized network infrastructure ensures that validators achieve maximum efficiency and performance while processing MEV rewards on the Solana blockchain.

Jito-Solana Validator Client

The Jito-Solana validator client forks the default Solana Labs client with extra functionality to process rewards from MEV (maximum extractable value). The client already has over 80 users and 15% of Solana network stake-weight. Setup is seamless, and performance is identical to the default Solana Labs client [1]. Many of Solana’s leading validators already utilize Jito-Solana, including Staking Facilities, P2P, Laine, Block Logic/Triton, and Cogent Crypto (full list).

Server Hardware servers powering the MEV-enabled validator client boast impressive specifications, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability. The c3.large.x86 server features:

  • AMD EPYC™ 7443P processor with 24 cores running at 2.85 GHz
  • 256 GB of RAM
  • 2 x 1.9 TB NVMe
  • 10Gbps NIC

Network Data is offering unlimited network egress for enrolled validators. Say goodbye to bandwidth limits and focus on maximizing MEV rewards and growing your validator node on the Solana network.

Offer Details

To be eligible for the program, you must meet the following criteria: operate a validator on the Solana mainnet with a minimum stake of 50,000 SOL, which will then be migrated to Additionally, you should have exclusively used the Solana Labs validator client but switched to Jito-Solana for the duration of the contract.

To secure the discount, validators are required to order a reserved c3.large.x86 instance at at the list price of $347 in the US and $417 in Tokyo, paid annually. Once you have switched to the Jito-Solana client and maintain a stake of over 50,000 SOL, will offer a $100 rebate monthly, which will be paid in USDC on Solana.

Setup Process has prepared guides plus an Ansible script to make the setup process simple. See here for complete documentation on setup. The process should take less than an hour.

How to Enroll:

  1. Fill out the sign-up form (link)
  2. Create an account at (link)
  3. will confirm enrollment within 48 hours and generate an invoice
  4. Upon payment, will provision the server and you are can get started.

Final Thoughts

This partnership between Jito Labs and is a game-changer for validators on the Solana blockchain. With a cost-effective and high-performance MEV-enabled validator client running on top-quality hardware, validators can now enjoy significant savings while reaping the benefits of MEV rewards.

The offer is subject to supply limitations.

Additional Resources:

  • Jito-Solana Client Introduction (link)
  • Jito Guide Incl. Setup Resources (link)
  • Jito Discord (see Latitude Partnership channel for support) (link)
  • Additional Jito resources (link)

[1]: P2P report

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